The Self-Initiative Project

A Chat With Tammy Yard-McCracken.

May 26, 2021

The Self-Initiative Project, Podcast 38, A Chat With Tammy Yard-McCraken, PsyD, LPC

Tammy Yard-McCraken of Kore Self Defense and Krav Maga and 500Rising takes time out to chat with us about all things self defense and more. Tammy's a psycho-therapist turned self defense badass and instructor.

We talk about the effectiveness of Krav as a self defense system overall, the need to disseminate more information in addition to all the physical aspects of self defense, and much, much more.

Hear what Tammy's takeaways were from this podcast too.

Apologize for the few cell phone connection issues experienced in this episode.

Thanks for listening.

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