The Self-Initiative Project

Rob Pincus: I.C.E. Training and Mental Health

July 30, 2019

The Self-Initiative Project, Podcast 16, Rob Pincus: I.C.E. Training and Mental Health

Rob Pincus joins us to discuss his I.C.E. Training; and we also talk about mental health and its impact in the firearms community.

See how the principles of efficiency, consistency, and integrity fit in to Rob's I.C.E. Training and the application of each.

Listen to see why Rob says, "... maybe you needed to have your guns taken away..." It makes total sense if you understand the context in which he said it.

Understand how slowing down the impulse to use a firearm could save a lot of bad things from happening and how that might could be done, as we talk about the importance of having conversations around dealing with mental health issues in the gun community.

Hear what Rob says when asked if there are other arguments for gun right advocates to be using besides always falling back to the 2nd Amendment (2A).

A lot of good discussion here...

Thanks for listening.

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