The Self-Initiative Project

Gun Safety, Part 2

January 26, 2019

The Self-Initiative Project, Podcast 10, Gun Safety, Part 2

My long-time buddy, Denis Haynes, former Marine, joins me once again to continue our discussion on gun safety.

This time we cover the 12 Golden Rules for Safe Gun Handling as well as the NRA Gun Safety Rules and the inherent redundancy in safe handling guns. We talk about firearm safety on the gun range, in the gun shop, while out hunting, and even some basics for young children. We also discuss how keeping a clean weapon makes for a safer weapon and how to be safe while cleaning your firearms.

Gun advocate or not, you need to know about gun safety and how to go about handling a firearm should the need arise.

Keep your guns locked up and following the 4 top rules of gun safety.

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Originating podcast:

Podcast 1 - Gun Safety, Part 1

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