The Self-Initiative Project

De-escalation: A Key to Conflict Management

July 28, 2021

The Self-Initiative Project, Podcast 40, De-escalation: A Key to Conflict Management

Randy King from 80:20 Conflict Management Strategies and Randy King Live joins us again. This time we talk about de-escalation. Arguably, de-escalation is one of the most important pieces to your self-defense and personal safety strategies.

De-escalation skills not only have a place in the context of personal safety; but they can be very important in our personal relationships as well. Additionally, we talk about how being able to de-escalate oneself is the first step in being able to successfully de-escalate any situation at hand.

We talk about what a great movie Road House (think: Patrick Swayze) is, how our monkey brains can adversely affect our decision making abilities and therefore our ability to de-escalate, and how the art of de-escalation is similar to delivering good customer service.

There is so much fantastic content in this episode, we cannot possibly lay it all out here. You will just have to listen. I promise you will have a lot of takeaways from our chat here with Randy.

While you are at it, go back and listen to our Podcast 29 where Randy and I discuss his Realities of Violence content too.

Thanks for listening.

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