The Self-Initiative Project
The Importance of Mindset

The Importance of Mindset

April 30, 2019

The Self-Initiative Project, Podcast 13, The Importance of Mindset

Likely the shortest podcast we will ever do, it is still an important concept to talk about and for you to think about.

Grit. Wherewithal. Perseverance. Indomitable spirit. Never give up.

Your attitude and mindset can make the difference between success and failure. Get it in your head that you will not give up and that you will succeed and you will. Picture success and you'll succeed. Picture failure and you will fail.

In self-defense, mindset can mean the difference between going home safe or getting hurt or even worse.

This episode we discuss the importance of having a no quit, never give up mindset and how that will impact the outcome of anything you take on. Your success and even your life will depend on it.

Short and sweet.

Sit back. Relax. Listen.

How to Make Your Home More Secure

How to Make Your Home More Secure

September 27, 2018

The Self-Initiative Project, Podcast 6, How to Make Your Home More Secure

This episode I talk about ways you can make your home more secure. You will learn things you may or may not already be doing that can go towards improving the overall security of your home, as we start with the exterior and work our way to the interior.

I cover the things we all have likely heard about; and I also talk about some things that you may not know or may not have considered yet.

Thanks for listening.